All Shifts are for experimental and development use only.
PandaShift will convert your Pandacoin into bitcoin and then send them to your Bitcoin Address at an exchange rate of 1 Pandacoin to 1 Satoshi
Enter your Bitcoin Address in the Form then send PandaCoin to address PGE3FaExmA7fENuteGtTB5q5dN19JQNnCW

Bitcoin Address

Pandacoin Address

Step 1) Submit your Bitcoin Address and Optionally a Pandacoin Address incase of any trouble
Step 2) Send up to 1000000 and a minimum of 100000 Pandacoin to Address: PGE3FaExmA7fENuteGtTB5q5dN19JQNnCW
Please keep in mind this is only in testing at the moment